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  • Stuart Jones, Remi & Stella had a busy 2016.

    Goes like this:
    Remi retired in fall 2015. After watching Stella, her pup get, all this training and taking her pup to tests for JH / SH – she wanted me to enter her in some tests — so I did. FIRST, she passed a triple NAHRA test in Eastern shore VA in April (loads of fun despite all the rain). AND She got her MHR title from NAHRA AND qualified for their 2017 National Invitational. THEN, she proceeded to pass 6 of 7 MH tests to qualify for the 2017 inaugural Master Amateur National. And on top of that Remi also Jammed in Tidewater RC field trial O/H stake. So much for retiring!

    During that time, mother and daughter Stella both passed a MH test at Mid Atalntic MH test (pic attached) which was neat and a first for me. So a busy 2016 season!

    MH passes for mom & daughter

    MH passes for mom & daughter

  • News about Roger Atkins & his gang: At the October trials held at Hunts Game Preserve in Jarrat, VA, Winnie came 4th in the flushing singles, and Quincy and his buddy Ben (a yellow lab) came 1st in the doubles. In the November trial held at Liberty Corner Farms in Essmont, VA, Winnie and her buddy Boone (a Toller) came 1st in the doubles. Winnie also came first in the scramble trial – basically a warm up hunt for three quail.

    If anyone would like more information on these trials, the website is http://www.uplandclassic.com.

    Ben & Quincy

    Ben & Quincy

    Boone & Winnie

    Boone & Winnie

  • Congratulations to Lucy, ‘MHR Silverbrook Joey’s Girl, MH MNH’, owned by Sue and Joe Hartsoe, for qualifying in the 2016 AKC Master National Hunt Test, in St. Louis, MO. Lucy earned her place in the Master National Hall of Fame and is now an official MNH (Master National Hunter)! Lucy was handled by Trish Jagoda, who earned her own place in the Master National Women’s Challenge with Lucy’s third Master National pass. Lucy and Trish were in Flight “A”, the flight with the FEWEST number of qualifiers of all the flights in this year’s Master National. We are so proud of our Lucy, who LOVES the work, and grateful to Trish for coaching and handling our Lucy to this great achievement. Lucy had a ball!!!
    –Sue and Joe Hartsoe


  • CONGRATULATIONS to Stuart Jones & Stella as they earn their AKC Senior Hunter title at the Flat Coat Retriever Society of America hunt test at Rover’s Content on June 25 & 26. Stella passed both tests to earn her title! A stellar performance …

IMG_20160626_151134494 (1)

GMHR HRCH Bertram Thibodaux Ulysses “BTU”, MH

11/08/2004 — 06/08/2016
Call name: Bert
Known to many as “The Bert”
We will miss him
~ Joe & Sue Hartsoe ~


  • Ed Jester reported: Camo got his MH at RRRC this past weekend! Many thanks for all the support from my friends at ODRC!camo2
  • Dave Mellender’s Smoke WON the 2015 MARYLAND GUNDOG CHAMPIONSHIP; close behind was Jim Hundemer’s dog Mist who came in 4th. CONGRATULATIONS!!!
  • Nov. 15, 2015 — In VA, 4-year-old Belle, Flat Coated Retriever, GCh. Shalyn’s Belle Bottom Blues CD RE OA NAJ CGC, bred, owned, trained and handled by Sherri Lilley Peck, earned two Junior Hunter legs in her field debut at the Back Bay Knotts Island hunt test. belle_sherri_JHtest (2)

New AKC Senior Hunter — Congratulations Tena & Julep.

  • Tena wrote:
    “Julep” /Heartride’s Black Caviar JH (GCH Casbar’s A Hart Act to Follow JH out of my GCH ShadowGlen After Glow CD RE CGC ) earned her AKC SH title this past weekend 8/22 – 23 at the Keystone Hunt Test in Franklintown, PA. Julep is 2 years old.
Tena & Julep

Tena & Julep

New Champion Master Hunter!!!
Forget the Champion Master Hunter stuff, New Grand Champion Master Hunter!!!
Quincy now has the titles of GCH & MH — he is only the 4th Labrador to accomplish this

  • Elizabeth & Roger Atkins are proud to announce that CH WatersEdge John Quincy Adams MH, SHU, CGC finished his championship on Friday July 17 at the Houston World Series of Dog Shows held in Houston, TX. Quincy becomes the 69th Labrador Retriever to be CH and MH.
  • He finished in style by taking BoB over 40 labs. He was handled in these shows by Kristin Lyon, and prior to this by Elizabeth Atkins. Quincy earned his MH title in November 2014 and was trained and handled by Roger Atkins. Quincy was bred by Elizabeth Atkins. His parents are:GCH Hollyhill Delby’s Samuel Adams CGC, WC
    CH WR Terans Roll of the Dice CGC SH TDI


Keith Midgette & Skipper made history!

  • He wrote: Skipper and I passed the first three inaugural Boykin Spaniel Society licensed Hunt Tests at Mid-Atlantic Boykin Spaniel Retriever Club at Shadow Creek Farm in Ayden, NC last weekend to become the very first titled Boykin Spaniel Society Novice. My daughter Beth ran her dog Molson (Skipper’s son) and passed her very first hunt test, too.

Sue Hartsoe shared the following good news:

  • On May 3, 2015, our Flynn (Hartsoe’s Crazy In The Cockpit) earned his 6th qualifying score in an AKC Master level test. He earned his MH AND is now qualified for the 2015 AKC Master National Hunt Test! Flynn will turn 3 in June.
  • On March 18, 2015, Lucy gave birth to 10 (TEN!!!!) beautiful yellow Labs—6 females; 4 males. The breeding (to Medicine Beau Luke of Black Forest, QAA, MH) was managed/handled by Trish Jagoda of Silverbrook Kennels. All puppies are healthy and happy. They will go home to their new owners beginning Thursday, May 7. Lucy is healthy and is ready to get back to work!




  • 1st Stella – Stuart Jones
  • 2nd Skipper – Keith Midgette
  • 3rd Birdie – Sarah Williams
  • 4th Deacon – Scott Bergman
  • JAM Arthur – Shari Faina
Not many puppies have a beer named for them! Stella - 1st place HUNTER

Not many puppies have a beer named for them! Stella – 1st place HUNTER


    • 1st Winnie – Roger Atkins
    • 2nd Katie – Scott Bergman



  • 1st Remi – Stuart Jones
  • 2nd Hanah – Barry Smith
  • 3rd Quincy – Roger Atkins


Thank you Barry for making a yummy meal and donating it too!

Thank you Barry for making a yummy meal and donating it too!

  • Strong results for Donna Cowan and Kelley Hall at Rappahannock Retriever Club’s hunt test in Remmington VA on April 10, 2015. Sig & Kelley picked up 2 Senior Hunter legs and Donna & Lily added one more Senior Hunter leg to their qualifications. TITLE WINS! Way to go ladies.


  • Mother and Daughter success!!! Remi (mom) passed in 2 Master Hunter tests at Lumber River — this qualifies her for the Master National for the 4th time. Stella (daughter) qualified at Tidewater and Lumber River to earn her Junior Hunter title. Stuart Jones owes, trains and handles both. IMG_7298IMG_7295
  • On March 1, 2015 Roger Atkins wrote : Had a good weekend in Cheraw at the Boykin Spaniel Club tests. Winnie got her Master Hunter – Upland title and Quincy got 2 nice Senior passes.

    Winnie, MH Upland title

    Winnie, MH Upland title

    ODRC had a strong showing at the Rappahannock River Retriever Club Hunt Test in Remington VA on 11/14-11/16 … it was frosty cold and they had to break the ice on the water series Saturday morning !

  • Donna Cowan & Lily have news to report:What a weekend! I am happy to say that Lily and I got our 3rd Senior pass on Saturday. I was proud of her blinds because I only had to handle once on land, and had no handles in the water series. (Her confidence is building and that was incredible for us.)


        • Congratulations are in order for Roger Atkins and Quincy: WatersEdge John Quincy Adams MH, CGC “Quincy” earned his AKC Master Hunter Title at the Rappahannock River Retriever Club test at Shady Grove Hunting Preserve on Saturday November 15. Quincy is owned and loved by Elizabeth & Roger Atkins and was handled by Roger.
          quincy mh1


        • Denise Balides and Dottie also earned their AKC Master Hunter title this past weekend in Remington VA. She ran 2 really nice tests and made me proud! Such a Girl ScoutDottie_MH


      • Donna Cowan wrote: Just thought I’d share some news with you and the club. Lily and I entered this weekend’s MAHRC of VA seniors test yesterday and got our first pass! Thanks again for help and tips during our training days… they are priceless and all factor into the growth of both me and my dog!
      • Joe and Sue Hartsoe are thrilled to report that, at the Neuse River Retriever Club’s AKC Hunt Tests, Bert and Lucy qualified for the 2015 AKC Master National Hunt Test and that Flynn (at just 28 months of age!) earned his third AKC Master level qualifying score! All were handled by Trish Jagoda, and we are very grateful to her for her careful and caring handling! Bert, who will turn 10 in early November, ran like a champ after having completed chemo treatments this past summer for lymphoma. Lucy was her “normal” self—just out to “have a good time” while being on the look-out for photo ops. Flynn, though still young, was out to do a good job!Flynn
      • Roger Atkins and Winnie (WatersEdge Winning Roll CGC SH) earned their Senior Hunter Upland title in early June at the Keystone English Springer Spaniel Club tests held in Chester Springs PA. She was perfect!

        New upland title!

        New upland title!

      • Keith Midgette and Skipper earned their HRC Started title in early May. Skipper passed two tests at the Mid-Atlantic Hunting Retriever Club test to complete her title. Way to go!

        Keith & Skipper

        SHR Pocotaligo’s TinCan Sailor and Keith

      • Another successful weekend for ODRC members at Back Bay Knott’s Island Retriever Club Spring 2014 test on April 26 & 27. Bob Arthur and Sadie earned a Master leg, only 1 more for an MH title!
        Kelley Hall and Sig (Suebel’s Hot Shot Sig) earned their JH title. Kelly wrote: I’m grateful to so many members of ODRC who have helped Sig and me learn and be introduced to Hunt Tests. We love training with all the members of ODRC! A very special thank you to Elizabeth and Roger Atkins for letting all of us train on their beautiful property.

        Sig --- new JH

        Sig — new JH

        SH titles were awarded to litter mates Katie and Deuce (pictured below). Congratulations to Scott Bergman and Chris Hudgins.

        Katie & Deuce. New SH's

        Katie & Deuce. New SH’s.

        Scott Bergman wrote: I’d like to thank ODRC for all their patience in helping Katie and me get to the SH level. There are too many to thank (and remember!) to be listed here. Katie is the first dog that I have done any trials or HTs with and so this is no small feat for us. As most of you know Katie has some health issues and will be retired never realizing my goal to put an MH on her. Luckily that was my dream and not hers, and she will continue hers which I know is to be with me. P.S. If you think you got rid of me, think again! I have a 9 week old pup that needs you all as much as I do.

        Deacon (looks like 9 weeks of trouble!)

        Deacon (looks like 9 weeks of trouble!)

      • ODRC members made a strong showing at Rappahannock River Retriever Club’s 2014 Spring hunt test on April 19 & 20. Bob Arthur and his dog HR First Lady of La Siroque JH earned a Master leg, Roger Atkins and Quincy — WatersEdge John Quincy Adams SH, CGC — collected their 4th Master Leg, Scott Bergman and Katie — Capt Thor’s Kat 5 Storm Surge of Spirit Branch JH — got a Senior leg and Chris Hudgins and Deuce — Haven Beach’s Deuce is Wild JH** — earned a Senior leg as well.


      • Donna Cowan submitted these photos from an early 2014 training day. Thanks Donna.

      • Joe and Sue Hartsoe are proud to announce that Lucy (MHR/HR Silverbrook Joey’s Girl, MH) earned a qualifying score in the 2013 AKC Master National Hunt Test in Fall River, KS. This makes two “passes” each for Lucy and for Bert for this event.


      • Waterspook Girl dot Com (Dottie) earned her AKC Senior Hunter title in September 2013. She went 5 for 5!dot_title_1


      • ODRC members Diane Sheppard & Magic, Larry Housman & Bry, and Dave Mellender & Smoke qualified at the 2013 NAHRA Invitational August 6-9 in Newville, Penn. CONGRATULATIONS!
Dave & Smoke

Dave & Smoke





      • Bry is relaxing with his buddy Otis after earning 1000 points and NAHRA’s title of Grand Master Hunting Retriever. Congratulations to Larry Housman & Bry!



      • Bonnie Joyce reported that her 2 Flatcoated Retrievers, Angus & Fluke finished their AKC Senior Hunter title in June 2013. CH Rivermist Brigadoon’s Angus WCX, RE, UD, NAJ, AX, OF, SH,VFCR2, HOF (pictured left) Kaotic Wanton Fluke SH (pictured right).



      • Ed Jester and Camo completed their AKC Senior Hunter title this June. GREAT JOB.


      • Dave Mellender and Smoke reached 1000 points and were awarded the title of Grand Master Hunting Retriever Champion at Lake Champlain Retriever Club’s June test. Lots of good stuff in June for ODRC!!!